Friday, December 26, 2008

The Day After

Well, the hard work and long hours paid off as Sissy and Bubba had their best Christmas yet. The only thing that would have made it better was to have had their Pappa here or for me to have my mother...but that is just my being selfish as I know Dad got to know the real meaning of Christmas in a special way this year. But back to the kids as that is what Christmas is all about. Brett actually had off on Christmas Eve and we went to Uncle Scott's house. The girls put hot peppers in Brett's dinner but he didn't want to complain about Grace's cooking so he suffered in silence until the girls laughter gave it away. Cousin Reef told us about visiting Santa and Santa asking what do you want little girl...for those of you who don't know Reef has very long straight blond hair that he doesn't want to cut. Mikaela's news was that she had a boyfriend and he isn't athletic. (she is in the fourth grade) Sissy got a baby doll that moves it's head and arms and looks a little scary...but cute...I think they were happy to see it go.

Brett and the kids were not up for midnight Mass so it was a sad evening year we will all have to go earlier or on Christmas as a family...

Bubba was so happy to see his spiderman bike...little did he know how hard Santa had to look at the last minute to find one. Sissy sat in daddy's lap and opened her presents. Her favorite was a pink poodle that barked and walked.

I made a big breakfast and a big dinner and everything turned out well. Brett and I agreed that this was only the beginning of great Christmases to come but next time I want to take the nap while he cleans. Here is hoping for a Christmas Miracle. Merry Christmas! Love Erin